About Shambhavi Magnetics

Shambhavi Magnetics is a leading producer of Electrical panels, Transformers, Reactors, Busbars, Wire Harness, and Electromagnetic assemblies for a wide range of applications and we are also global international exporters.

Operating close to our customers around the world, we deliver our core strengths by designing and manufacturing value-based products and systems and providing solutions and services that allow our customers to improve their systems’ performances and competitiveness, without compromising on quality and system reliability.

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Why Shambhavi Magnetics?

Shambhavi magnetics‘s products are designed for use in a variety of businesses and conditions around the world. They not only fulfill the greatest client expectations, but they also adhere to national and international regulations

We support the needs of a diversified customer base including OEMs, contract manufacturers. We offer a full range of value-added services including product design for manufacturability, value engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, and after-sales support.

Why Choose us?

We are a steady, consistent and extraordinary growing export organization which ensures customer, vendor, and employee satisfaction through operational excellence. We are internationally visible.

We are maintaining our reputation as a leader in Electrical /Power solutions. We are a trusted partner for International business

Quality Policy

Shambhavi Magnetics shall exceed customer satisfaction by providing the best quality of product services, through continual improvement and operational excellence. We will excel with quality, full dedication, commitment, and Teamwork